Monday, October 31, 2011

Seyfried and Sergio

are HOT hot hot!

Burberry Meester Fabulous!

all right here!

Black Widow

It's Halloween, so why not a Black Widow look?

Something about these screams Black Widow! Danger and sex, the perfect combination to get a man's blood flowing and adrenaline pumping!! Criss-cross mary-jane straps, all black patent with intricate red ribbon details are the perfect accents next to the near 6 inch heel and 2 inch platform! Day or night, these Pleaser pumps will leave you, and your guest, wholly satisfied.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sexy Sweet

That's how Krystyn likes it:

It's no secret sexy-sweet is my style of choice, and these are a near-perfect example. Lace and mary-jane style is sweet, but the edgy color combinations available and 5.75 inch heel give it the sexiness to send them over the edge! If chosen wisely, these shoes could be paired with any number of things for a perfect daytime, nighttime, or bedroom ensemble. Plus, every classic girl needs more lace in her life!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Red Velvet Heaven

We absolutely LOVE these.

Ashley's Weekend... chronicled right here.

Dangerously Sexy!

That's just how Krystyn likes it:

Bordella isn't necessarily renowned for their daytime-wear, but they always give you more than you expect for any other occasion! Dutchess spike pumps are perfect for a girls night out to a club or other big event! Black patent leather and a 6.5 inch heel are simplistic and chic enough to wear with almost anything but the steel spike details around the opening gives them an edge onlookers cannot deny. Danger is an aphrodisiac, right? ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Badass in the Bedroom

that's what Krystyn wants to be:

These may not be appropriate outside the bedroom, but they could ignite a helluva spark there! Your man will have no idea what he's in for when you strut out in these. A 6 inch heel with an additional 2 inch platform are reserved for the most badass of women. And if you keep them on, there's no telling what they could inspire him to do! Maybe pair it with some naughty lingerie, or lace for a sexy-sweet combo, and be prepared for a night to remember!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dangerous Princess

So says Krystyn:

What can I say? When you want to make a statement, what better way to do it than with these. The Zigi Soho Selita Pump is anything but conservative. If you're young at heart, and ready to have a wild night, these are perfect for you! Hot pink satin with an oversized satin and mesh bow topped even more with an extravagant crystal brooch almost hides the tiny peep toe! Five inch heels set these off just the right degree of dangerously sexy! Indulge your inner princess and let everyone know where you stand in these stilettos!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Qupid's Arrow?

on the sole of a shoe? Why NOT:

So many designers are learning that the sole of the shoe can be used as an artists canvas just as much as the upper! Qupid gives us a fun twist on this new trend with the layered multicolored platform, Onyx Pump. Brushed satin upper comes in black or titanium silver, giving the platforms the opportunity to really POP! To make the tri-layer platform work, these shoes are made with a 5 inch stiletto heel. Prepare to have the legs of an Amazonian goddess when you wear these out! Make a statement at the next party you go to, it's impossible not to be the star of the show when you stroll in wearing these!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Means Suede

and Krystyn tells us more:

Suede is always good for fall, but more often than not we see it used for boots and seldom anything else. BCBG changes that for the better. These taup-y grey sweet heels are precious bot not without a stylish edge! Suede upper and covered heel are complimented by black fabric trim around the opening and a punk-rock reminiscent fishnet bow wrapped around the vamp! Not your usual bow-brooch clasped to the top with these. The heel is a just a bit thicker than a stiletto, providing more balance to even out the 4.5 inch heel AND 1 inch platform, while still streamlining your whole body. Add a little something different to your routine!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Liquid Leather -- Boots for Fall

These are simple, basic, elegant... and fun:

Liquid leather sex appeal, right here! Not much else needs to be said after you notice the 4 inch stiletto heel! Liquid black leather all over, with sleek seam stitching to accentuate the curves of the leg make these incredibly well designed! They're subtle enough to be worn every day with any look, yet sexy enough to make people curious of the wearer, and perfect for nights out. Just imagine how these would look either with jeans (tucked in of course - gotta show these off) or with a miniskirt. There's no going wrong with such versatile leather boots!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shoes of the Day?

We think so...these are fabulous!

Ashely is Street Chic

it even says so: right here!

Sweet and Sassy

from our reviewer:

Sweet and sassy describe this shoe to the T. Subtle black satin and a 4.5 inch heel are a seductive addition to any dressy outfit. The signature of this pair...a crystal encrusted bow over the peep-toed vamp. If there were a modern way to do pin-up girl sexy - this is it! I can only imagine a curve-emphasizing red dress coupled with these and classic winged eyeliner. Wear these and make hearts skip beats!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mollie in Perfect Platforms

Doesn't she look amazing?

True Blood

Krystyn sure thinks so!

Glitter and glam have been everywhere the past few months in fashion, notably in shoes. Vogue even featured glitzed out pumps in this months magazine. Now, Bordello offers you these sinfully sweet Mary-Jane style pumps in an array of colors for your choosing! Personally, I'm fond of the black. I don't think it could get much sexier. Not to mention they are very True-Blood/vampire-sexy, which of course is beyond desirable right now! A 5.75 inch heel and 1 inch covered platform will lift you to a new level of sexy. 2 cutouts on top and fastened by a silk ribbon give this shoe something extra. No basic clasp or zipper, this brand takes it back to a more seductive design! Wear these and watch men fall at your feet!