Monday, November 28, 2011

Mollie in Perfect Shoes

Right here!

We love these shoes.... and we love Mollie. Always beautiful, always fun, and always in good taste... (and the shoes aren't bad, either).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Fall Boots? Or winter, for that matter...

Whatcha' got?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ashley: Green and Leopard!

Mafia Madness

Krystyn is the BOSS:

Oh, to be a female Mafia boss. These would be essential in any boss-lady's wardrobe! Be sweet, naughty, and completely bad-ass intimidating anytime you wear these. Sometimes, there's nothing like a classic leather Mary-Jane strap to complete the look. Designers at Sinful Shoes really encapsulated the female mobster in the best way by turning a wing-tip into a mary-jane. Let slick leather take you into an alternate persona when you pair these up with your best night-out outfit! If you're really skilled, maybe turn them into business wear and make your workday a little more mysterious!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ashley Rocks the Dots

Shop her look? We certainly think so! So hot... and do take note of the sexy flats!

GREEN, Glitter, WOW!

Krystyn is all aglow with this green glitter:

Mmmmmm, glitter! Make everyone around you green with envy that they don't own this pair of Sinful pumps! 5.75 inch heel and 1 inch platform completely covered in your choice of green or fuschia glitter. Make a statement when you walk into a room, guaranteed! Glitter is something that has been featured quite a lot lately, however, I cannot recall seeing many (if ANY) shown in green. Here is an opportunity for affordable, RARE, fashion. Who could say no?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ashley plugs Dalmation Print

she does it right here!

Victorian Brilliance?

So thinks Krystyn:

Now these are unique for multiple reasons. When we see satin, it is typically very smooth and refined, however, following the fall trend, these pumps are textured! An intense, but delicate floral pattern gives a dichotomously stylish vibe. Personally, the red really sets it off for me. It is dark and mysterious, and maybe even a bit victorian? The blue, though, is vibrant and that is absolutely sexy and ideal for many women in many situations ;). These are definitely a steal that should not be passed by!