Monday, November 25, 2013

Plaid is Not Bad

I have been noticing plaid has really started making a huge come back.  Shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses.  Plaid has never really been my thing but lately I think it has started growing on me little by little.
ShoesTweet Says:  Plus, plaid gives that sexy schoolgirl look that makes almost any man go crazy

I have a male friend who is a musician and a plaidaholic.  He wears more plaid shirts than anyone I know but he wears them well.  He has a great knack for fashion and a unique sense of style.  Though he loves plaid, it doesn't mean he wears just any plaid.  Just like he is picky about perfect pitch and tuning, he is just as picky about his plaid.  Thinking about this inspired me to go looking for amazing plaid heels and booties.  I also got to thinking this would be fun to have him pick which ones I featured.  Let me tell you he was just as picky. 


I have to say he has a good eye for shoes, don't let him know I told you that haha!!!  It took us a while since I am choosey when it comes to my shoes and he is choosey when it comes to his plaid but we did it.  I don't know that I love plaid enough to wear a pair of pants in plaid but I could definitely wear one of these...



Giuseppe Zanotti-Wool Tartan

(found on


I actually love the plaid on this heel.  It's crisp and rich in color and so eloquently designed.  The boldness of the colors make these heels warm and inviting.  I really enjoy the unique, almost tear drop, looking peep toe with the square front.  With these we can all say the higher the heel the better, they are just simply fantastic.  Giuseppe has made a plaid lover out of me!



Abbey Dawn-WTH Platform Peep Toe

(found on


Can we say naughty feisty school girl?!  Who knew plaid could make me go wild?!  The spikes just demand attention and the peep toe teases the eyes.  The red and the black make them dangerously sexy while the little hint of blue adds a little cuteness.  I am craving the playfulness and edge this heel exudes.  Sexy little devils with a sweet goody goody side, come to mama!!



Alice + Olivia-Lolita

(found on


Cute and sophisticated.  These are simple, classy, and very easy on the eyes.  I feel like the black and white plaid is a classic and you can't really go wrong with it and I think it's perfect match for the Mary Jane style of this shoe.  The squared toe goes really well with the plaid design, it all just fits.  I love the simplicity of this plaid choice because you can wear it with pretty much anything. 
ShoesTweet Says: Note the ankle strap. LOVE It.



Fabi-Ankle Boot

(found on


Fashionista meets plaid with these.  To me the plaid brings out the maroon patent and makes it pop.  The other thing I love about this bootie is rhinestone detailing in the plaid.  Some of the lines in the plaid are made with little tiny rhinestones of that color.  These booties play with my eyes and draw me in with the intricate details that jump but in a subtle way.
ShoesTweet Says: This says sexy, naughty librarian to me.  I can just see her in glasses and a white oxford button down, skirt, tights, and these shoes...


Gianni Bini Cain

(found on


This is by far my favorite one, it gets my heart pumping like it's going to beat out of my chest.  I am sold on the plaid after seeing this.  The black suede with the red and black plaid come together so well, I can't stop smiling.  The buckle on the back give them glam and attitude.  I can't peel my eyes away from them.  Not only do they play on my love for red and black but they tease me with their slight edginess.  Please can I have these?!!!





Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoe Seduction

So I had a friend send me picture of a shoe she knew I would fall for and the
link to the site she found it at, I immediately fell in love with it. It has my style and personality, good girl on the outside and bad girl on the inside!! is for the bold and the brave, people who love to stand out and make a statement with their shoes. I love unique designs and styles that capture peoples attention and makes them go wow.

This site and everything about it is dangerously daring and I can't get enough of it. Every shoe is unique and interesting you can hardly pick just one. Thanks to my friend I have another site to obsess over, not like I didn't have enough already =) I will get her back for this!!!!

Here are a few I felt inspired to share with you. Bordello White and Black

My friend sent me the picture of these and they piqued my curiosity and interest. They have that old fashioned tuxedo feel to them. The 3 buttons going straight down the side give this bootie vintage flare. They almost remind me of a vintage school girl. I just absolutely adore them and wish for them to be mine.
ShoesTweet Says:  These are almost so proper they are naughty. 

  Pleaser USA Seduce

This red and black patent heel seduces me for sure. These babies have major sex appeal and get your mind racing. They scream for a night of true passion and lust. The peep toe begs you to play peak-a-boo with your eyes as you sit and gaze at them. I can't help but crave them. Ohhh, the possibilities are endless in these sassy vixens.

Pleaser USA Black pinstripe Mary Jane

These knock outs bring me back to Bonnie and Clyde. Crime, love, sex, and violence this heel brings it all. I feel when you are in these you should have a gun strapped to your leg with a garter belt under your dress. I love the pinstripe paired with the satin, lace, and bows.

  Rat Baby Black Bolt Heel

I have found my solemate. Check out the amazingly awesome heel on these beasts of nature!! The pink instantly popped out at me. Very bold and exciting. They add spunk and adventure to your closet. The spikes on the rim of the vamp give this heel an attention whore vibe that I think is delicious. I just can't get enough, "Don't stop til you get enough!!" They are just badass!!

Bordello Black and Gold

Moon light walk under the stars, our first date. Our eyes lock, we smile, and lean in for our first kiss. Sparks fly as we open our eyes, look up at the black sky, and feel the magic. This heel inspires a night of fun and excitement. Magnetic forces that are pulling you to them, beckoning you to slip them on and get lost in them. They are classic with little bits of flare that catch your eye.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fabulous Flats Friday

Happy Fabulous Flats Friday, it's going to be a cosmic one!  What zodiac are you? Find out with Charlotte Olympia's Cosmic Collection featuring flats with the 12 signs of the zodiac.  Each pair comes with a Charlotte Olympia horoscope book so you can really find out what your shoes say about you!  Go ahead get to finding out at

Happy Birthday Scorpio and soon Sagittarius!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wild Animals!


Sarah's Safari

Everyone has that inner wild animal inside screaming to come out. I wanted to have fun with this one and make it all about animal print. I don't know what it is but I am obsessed and addicted to animal print.

I feel like I have, in the past year, started show casing my personality in my shoes and my style. My bestie mentioned I should dedicate a post to just animal print and my mind just went crazy. I didn't want to pick just any heel with the print, I wanted the ones I picked to captivate me and make my thoughts go wild as I look at them. I believe shoes tell a story. Each one has it's own tale that it's desperately trying to get out. If we listen we will allow ourselves into that story. Get ready to let loose that caged animal inside and let it take you on a dangerously exciting adventure your feet and eyes will thank you for! Here are my picks I had to share...

Roberto Cavalli-Suede Watersnake (found on

Poisonous passion and desire. They are tempting me to touch them, to slip my ever so daring feet into them, but do I? Do I take a bite of the forbidden fruit? I would love to give into these sexilicous vixens. Is the temptation whispering in your ear?

Y.S.-Wood Python (found on

Dark, mysterious, and intriguing. They are commanding a night of thrills and deep adventure. My eyes are begging for mercy, but I can't release my gaze off the truly stunning master pieces. They are handmade which blows my mind. The carving of the scorpion on the platform and the python skin on the vamp leave much to be desired. These venomous witches are not for the faint of heart.
ShoesTweet says: These may be "bedroom-only" shoes, but they are certainly daring and delightful

  London Trash-Ceres (found on

These are pleading to be hunted and captured. They give off a feisty confidence that I crave in a shoe. Such a playful catch me if you can game on the eyes, it just sucks you in. I feel I will rock the world in these and totally love every minute of it!!

Penny Sue-Cha Cha (found on

RAWR!!! Fierce, stunning, and magnetic. The design of the leopard vamp reels you in and captivates you. They ignite the flame and bring the fire to life. They are daring you to find out what could happen while wearing them. I was sucked in the minute I laid my eyes on them. The flared heel gives them that extra, BAM I am woman hear me roar!! Draw yourself into the fire and never leave...If you dare!

Charlotte Olympia-Daphne (found on

Sexy, fun, flirty, and exciting. I'm ready for the wild ride these babes would take me on. They give off a "come hither me" feel you can't help but give into. These are glamorous and full of lust. Hard to get is the name of the game while in these lustful beauties.
ShoesTweet says: The perfect combination of innocence and desire... cute red bows combine with leopard to say I'm a librarian, but a naughty one

Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Booties Under $100


Sarah offers some advice on great booties at a great price (under $100):

So this weekend the weather cooled way down here in Nashville and I was looking in
my closet and realized I had more flats than boots. I got to thinking that my collection needed more boots. I have gained an obsession in the booties recently and wanted to go searching for some perfect booties that weren't going to burn a hole in my wallet. A lot of sites are having some crazy sales right now while people are gearing up for the holiday shopping. I like to keep tabs on sites like,,, and

Every week it seems there is some kind of new promo or sale. I keep a close eye on them though because sometimes the sales are only 1 to 2 days long.

It is sweater weather time and I don't know about you but I am in need of some fabulous booties for my closet. I found 5 perfect booties on my hunt under $100 perfect for any occasion whether it be the office or cocktails after work.

 Take a look at what I found... Zigi Soho- Sincere $84.99 (from

These have a warm winter feel that I just want to sink my feet into. They are perfect for the office or for a day on the town. An all around great bootie for sweater weather.
ShoesTweet says: These are also quite sexy, with the buckles and zippers providing images of restraint and the flirty peep toe daring the cold to come in...

  Michael Antonio-Madalyn $59.99 (

BAM!! Let's brighten up these cold weather days with these sexy babes also found on I'm so not afraid of vibrant in your face colors in the colder seasons. Just because the sun is hiding doesn't mean gorgeous color has to. This bootie can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. Be bold and glamorous this winter!!

Fergie-Rina $84.95 (

Sex appeal and classic sophistication all in one with this bootie I found on Go straight from a days hard work straight into a night of cocktails and dancing with the girls. The gold metallic heels gives it the pop of sexiness while the luxe burgundy suede give it a slash of elegance and class. You can never go wrong with Fergie!!

Kelly and Katie-Olivia $49.95 (

Sassy and Vicious is what these are telling me, also found on I picture myself as a sexy vixen in these, ready to take on the world. They are loaded with power and style. The caged back and sleek vamp give this classic black bootie extra style and edge. The perfect black bootie for my collection.
ShoesTweet says: Get in touch with your inner Dom in these...or, just play tough in the streets and ready to be taken in the sheets ...

Talei-Paper Fox $29.98 (

Edgy, sexy, and totally rocker chic. These amp up the cold winter days and make you feel hot!!! I'm totally falling for this bootie you can nab on I'm in love with the metallic look and feel to the color. It adds a subtle BAM to your outfit and I am for sure sold!! These scream for my feet to be warmed up by their hotness!

There are so many more styles to choose from to fit anyone's tastes on any of these amazing websites. There are always deals to look for, especially now during the holiday shopping season. Whether you are shopping for yourself or finding the perfect gift I guarantee you will find what you are looking for at a price that will leave you smiling and excited just like me!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Shoes


Winter is slowly creeping up and with Halloween out of the way, the holiday season
is quickly approaching. Holidays mean parties, events, and get togethers. We all struggle with finding a the perfect holiday shoes for these functions. I dress to impress anywhere I go especially events and parties so I base my ensemble around my shoe, so my shoe is the hit of the outfit.

This season, I have noticed that cut outs and peep toes have become a hit. I know what you all are thinking, it's getting colder and rain and snow are starting to make appearances. I still think we shouldn't have to ignore these amazing styles during the holiday season. Don't be afraid to rock a pair of cut outs or peep toes. I have found some eye catching heels that will have you chomping at the bit. They are all inspired by the cut out and peep toe style I feel we should embrace for the holidays. Throw caution to the wind and enjoy these amazing styles!!

  I feel like these just scream holidays at me. The black satin gives them an elegant sleek look. The rhinestone embellishment on the t-strap dress them up and make them great for any holiday event. Chic look gives them function and fashion, you can dress them up or dress them down. I always look for a shoe I can wear with most anything and be able to wear them to many different occasions. I feel like these do it for me and would love to have them in my shrine!
ShoesTweet says: These shoes SCREAM sex to me... so flirty, fun, and maybe a bit naughty.  Love them.

Omg!!! I am head over heels right now, I'm going to have a shoe heart attack! This is the perfect party shoe for me. They add fun and excitement to the evening. They aren't your traditional holiday event or party shoe, but who says we have to be traditional all the time?! I like standing out and making statements with my shoes and these totally do it or me. These add spunk, flare, and edge to the holidays and I dare, yes I dare!!!

Style, class, sophistication, and elegance!! I love this shoe, you can get lost in them just looking at them. What an exotic piece of work. I would, for sure, hit my parties and functions for the holidays in this gorgeous heel, no doubt. It's guaranteed to be a hit everyone would be talking about. I love the design of the swooping black suede straps and the stunning white snake leather. I think I have fallen in love again!!

I love Michael Kors, his shoes never cease to amaze me. He has a niche in bringing out the inner woman in each design. This sandal bootie is no different. This is holiday glam at it's finest. Screw cold weather this booty was made for my feet. I can't get over the caged design and the gold studs on the vamp. It's a party shoe I can't live without. It's one want added to my collection!

I could not tear my eyes off these sassy babes. Of course I love red so they instantly caught my eye. The bow and peep toe bring out the ultra girly girl side and the red patent makes the shoe pop. They will stand out and catch everyones eye. Cute, sexy, sassy, and gorgeous...I NEED THEM!!!!!!!
ShoesTweet Says: These shoes are also ALL about sex. The red begs for attention, the bow draws your eyes to toes no doubt adorned in holiday-themed polish.  Holiday shoe perfection!

The holidays are the time to get glam and bring out your ultra fashionista. It's the time for fun and excitement, let your shoe be your guide!!