Monday, November 25, 2013

Plaid is Not Bad

I have been noticing plaid has really started making a huge come back.  Shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses.  Plaid has never really been my thing but lately I think it has started growing on me little by little.
ShoesTweet Says:  Plus, plaid gives that sexy schoolgirl look that makes almost any man go crazy

I have a male friend who is a musician and a plaidaholic.  He wears more plaid shirts than anyone I know but he wears them well.  He has a great knack for fashion and a unique sense of style.  Though he loves plaid, it doesn't mean he wears just any plaid.  Just like he is picky about perfect pitch and tuning, he is just as picky about his plaid.  Thinking about this inspired me to go looking for amazing plaid heels and booties.  I also got to thinking this would be fun to have him pick which ones I featured.  Let me tell you he was just as picky. 


I have to say he has a good eye for shoes, don't let him know I told you that haha!!!  It took us a while since I am choosey when it comes to my shoes and he is choosey when it comes to his plaid but we did it.  I don't know that I love plaid enough to wear a pair of pants in plaid but I could definitely wear one of these...



Giuseppe Zanotti-Wool Tartan

(found on


I actually love the plaid on this heel.  It's crisp and rich in color and so eloquently designed.  The boldness of the colors make these heels warm and inviting.  I really enjoy the unique, almost tear drop, looking peep toe with the square front.  With these we can all say the higher the heel the better, they are just simply fantastic.  Giuseppe has made a plaid lover out of me!



Abbey Dawn-WTH Platform Peep Toe

(found on


Can we say naughty feisty school girl?!  Who knew plaid could make me go wild?!  The spikes just demand attention and the peep toe teases the eyes.  The red and the black make them dangerously sexy while the little hint of blue adds a little cuteness.  I am craving the playfulness and edge this heel exudes.  Sexy little devils with a sweet goody goody side, come to mama!!



Alice + Olivia-Lolita

(found on


Cute and sophisticated.  These are simple, classy, and very easy on the eyes.  I feel like the black and white plaid is a classic and you can't really go wrong with it and I think it's perfect match for the Mary Jane style of this shoe.  The squared toe goes really well with the plaid design, it all just fits.  I love the simplicity of this plaid choice because you can wear it with pretty much anything. 
ShoesTweet Says: Note the ankle strap. LOVE It.



Fabi-Ankle Boot

(found on


Fashionista meets plaid with these.  To me the plaid brings out the maroon patent and makes it pop.  The other thing I love about this bootie is rhinestone detailing in the plaid.  Some of the lines in the plaid are made with little tiny rhinestones of that color.  These booties play with my eyes and draw me in with the intricate details that jump but in a subtle way.
ShoesTweet Says: This says sexy, naughty librarian to me.  I can just see her in glasses and a white oxford button down, skirt, tights, and these shoes...


Gianni Bini Cain

(found on


This is by far my favorite one, it gets my heart pumping like it's going to beat out of my chest.  I am sold on the plaid after seeing this.  The black suede with the red and black plaid come together so well, I can't stop smiling.  The buckle on the back give them glam and attitude.  I can't peel my eyes away from them.  Not only do they play on my love for red and black but they tease me with their slight edginess.  Please can I have these?!!!





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