Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wild Animals!


Sarah's Safari

Everyone has that inner wild animal inside screaming to come out. I wanted to have fun with this one and make it all about animal print. I don't know what it is but I am obsessed and addicted to animal print.

I feel like I have, in the past year, started show casing my personality in my shoes and my style. My bestie mentioned I should dedicate a post to just animal print and my mind just went crazy. I didn't want to pick just any heel with the print, I wanted the ones I picked to captivate me and make my thoughts go wild as I look at them. I believe shoes tell a story. Each one has it's own tale that it's desperately trying to get out. If we listen we will allow ourselves into that story. Get ready to let loose that caged animal inside and let it take you on a dangerously exciting adventure your feet and eyes will thank you for! Here are my picks I had to share...

Roberto Cavalli-Suede Watersnake (found on

Poisonous passion and desire. They are tempting me to touch them, to slip my ever so daring feet into them, but do I? Do I take a bite of the forbidden fruit? I would love to give into these sexilicous vixens. Is the temptation whispering in your ear?

Y.S.-Wood Python (found on

Dark, mysterious, and intriguing. They are commanding a night of thrills and deep adventure. My eyes are begging for mercy, but I can't release my gaze off the truly stunning master pieces. They are handmade which blows my mind. The carving of the scorpion on the platform and the python skin on the vamp leave much to be desired. These venomous witches are not for the faint of heart.
ShoesTweet says: These may be "bedroom-only" shoes, but they are certainly daring and delightful

  London Trash-Ceres (found on

These are pleading to be hunted and captured. They give off a feisty confidence that I crave in a shoe. Such a playful catch me if you can game on the eyes, it just sucks you in. I feel I will rock the world in these and totally love every minute of it!!

Penny Sue-Cha Cha (found on

RAWR!!! Fierce, stunning, and magnetic. The design of the leopard vamp reels you in and captivates you. They ignite the flame and bring the fire to life. They are daring you to find out what could happen while wearing them. I was sucked in the minute I laid my eyes on them. The flared heel gives them that extra, BAM I am woman hear me roar!! Draw yourself into the fire and never leave...If you dare!

Charlotte Olympia-Daphne (found on

Sexy, fun, flirty, and exciting. I'm ready for the wild ride these babes would take me on. They give off a "come hither me" feel you can't help but give into. These are glamorous and full of lust. Hard to get is the name of the game while in these lustful beauties.
ShoesTweet says: The perfect combination of innocence and desire... cute red bows combine with leopard to say I'm a librarian, but a naughty one

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