Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoe Seduction

So I had a friend send me picture of a shoe she knew I would fall for and the
link to the site she found it at, I immediately fell in love with it. It has my style and personality, good girl on the outside and bad girl on the inside!! inkedshop.com is for the bold and the brave, people who love to stand out and make a statement with their shoes. I love unique designs and styles that capture peoples attention and makes them go wow.

This site and everything about it is dangerously daring and I can't get enough of it. Every shoe is unique and interesting you can hardly pick just one. Thanks to my friend I have another site to obsess over, not like I didn't have enough already =) I will get her back for this!!!!

Here are a few I felt inspired to share with you. Bordello White and Black

My friend sent me the picture of these and they piqued my curiosity and interest. They have that old fashioned tuxedo feel to them. The 3 buttons going straight down the side give this bootie vintage flare. They almost remind me of a vintage school girl. I just absolutely adore them and wish for them to be mine.
ShoesTweet Says:  These are almost so proper they are naughty. 

  Pleaser USA Seduce

This red and black patent heel seduces me for sure. These babies have major sex appeal and get your mind racing. They scream for a night of true passion and lust. The peep toe begs you to play peak-a-boo with your eyes as you sit and gaze at them. I can't help but crave them. Ohhh, the possibilities are endless in these sassy vixens.

Pleaser USA Black pinstripe Mary Jane

These knock outs bring me back to Bonnie and Clyde. Crime, love, sex, and violence this heel brings it all. I feel when you are in these you should have a gun strapped to your leg with a garter belt under your dress. I love the pinstripe paired with the satin, lace, and bows.

  Rat Baby Black Bolt Heel

I have found my solemate. Check out the amazingly awesome heel on these beasts of nature!! The pink instantly popped out at me. Very bold and exciting. They add spunk and adventure to your closet. The spikes on the rim of the vamp give this heel an attention whore vibe that I think is delicious. I just can't get enough, "Don't stop til you get enough!!" They are just badass!!

Bordello Black and Gold

Moon light walk under the stars, our first date. Our eyes lock, we smile, and lean in for our first kiss. Sparks fly as we open our eyes, look up at the black sky, and feel the magic. This heel inspires a night of fun and excitement. Magnetic forces that are pulling you to them, beckoning you to slip them on and get lost in them. They are classic with little bits of flare that catch your eye.

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