Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat?

Great shoes. Great candy... and, um...

Scary Halloween Heels!

High, sharp, incredible...yes, scary IS sexy... as hell!

Get them here!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ballet Heels

I was talking to a shoe friend one day and she inspired this post on ballet heels.

Since I first saw them I have been back and forth about them. They are for sure a fashion statement and really cool looking, but also ugly and crazy at the same time. I feel like they have kind of grown on me in a way, I know it's werid lol. My shoe friend wears them to work and no she isn't a stripper.

 I don't know that I could wear them out anywhere if I were to invest in a pair. I would be worried about the damage to my feet or literally breaking my ankle. I definitely would have them in my closet to add to my collection and maybe bust them out during a sexy night with that special someone to spice things up a bit. (ShoesTweet Says: These could be very hot and spicy in the bedroom)

 These heels, I can't lie, are very eye catching and the more you look at them the more your curiosity goes wild. My shoe friend encouraged me to get a pair and learn to walk in them. I'm still pondering the idea but they are really fun to look at. I have found a few different takes on the ballet heel I thought were pretty interesting to say the least. Some are over the top and some are just cool.

These are over the top and insane but I have to say they are kind of cool looking. I for sure wouldn't invest in these and wear them out but I think they would be cool to see on the runway. They have an art feel and would take someone really brave to walk in them. It would be like walking on stilts in these!

  Ok you might think I'm crazy but I kind of like these. I don't know if I would wear them but the more I stare at them the more interesting they become and the more I start to really like them.
ShoesTweet Says: These actually seem vaguely wearable and mildly interesting. Bravery required? Yes!

I think these are such a beautiful ballet heel. Very tall and very scary looking but beautiful at the same time. I would be interested to see someone walk in these. They have the original ballet flat look but with a heel that is ultra high and insane!
ShoesTweet says: These are beautiful, but essentially un-wearable. Unless you are lying down.

Mary Jane I saw these and thought, "Ok here we go a pair I could actually see myself wearing!". I think these are the perfect ballet heel to learn how to walk in them. The height is just right for someone learning and they aren't too over the top so you could actually wear them out. 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

It's Throwback Thursday and Sarah has four great shoes for you!

It's Throw Back Thursday and I love an amazing pair of vintage inspired heels.
Those were the days when women were making a statement and show that we could be sexy and show a little skin. I love everything about it they dared to be daring with their extravagant patterns, bows, and lace!

Since I was a little girl I loved sitting and watching the old Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn movies. I remember wanting to be them, wanting to dress like them, and loving their vibrant attitudes.

 I grew up in a thrift store that my step mom worked in and I would play dress up with the old fashioned formal dress and wedding dresses and the vintage old fashioned heels that would come in. No one could get me out of them!!

I feel like society in a way has made a lot of women today lose sight of what those woman represented and I think it's good to go back and ponder the message they were bringing out to the world.

  I came across an amazing site that has heels with the vintage inspiration whether it be flapper, pin up, or retro. I couldn't decide which picks I wanted to showcase because they were all so amazing, has a selection you wont want to tear your eyes away from. I love these and I hope you do too!!

Bow Teeze Leopard Pumps
I couldn't help but want to show these off. I love leopard print and my favorite color is red. They are my absolute favorite. My style is usually daring and bold, these definitely scream sex appeal and cuteness. The red bow just does the trick and really makes the shoe pop. They are my total eye catching shoegasm!

Black and White Velvet Bow Tie Heels
I may be crazy, I know but I actually love these and would rock them with confidence. The black velvet gives them a soft classic upscale look and the black velvet bow gives them a girly feel. I can so see these paired with a some high waisted red skinnies, a black and white polka dot top with a tie a the waist, and red bow in the hair. Kind of reminds me of I Love Lucy!!

Red Satin T-Strap Cutie Pie Heels
I have found my solemates, not only are they red but they have that classic Marilyn Monroe look!!! I want them and I need them. I would so rock a vintage inspired little black dress with a little red belt around the waist and a red flower in my hair. I will be dreaming about these for days. I would definitely bring sexy back with these!

Black and Pink Peep Toe Ruffle Libera Heel
These made smile with pure joy! They have the cute pin up style I just love. How can you not fall in love with them?! Lust and cuteness combined in one gorgeous heels they are a statement all their own. "I am woman hear me roar!" is what these babes are screaming and I hear them loud and clear! Come join my closet you cutie pies!!

Any which way you go with your style never be afraid to push limits and let everyone know your true personality and the woman you dare to be!! After all those women made a statement to the world, why shouldn't we!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nael Coce by Sheena Young

Sarah's found another designer she loves!


Yes ladies Sheena Young has solved our long lived problem of
suffering through the pain of wearing gorgeous heels while at an event or having a night out full of partying and dancing.

I have had many nights of dancing and either ended up barefoot, yes I know eww, or came home and feet were angry at me and I couldn't feel my toes. Her heel to flat invention has me hooked and completely and totally in love. She has designed high heels to flats shoes that are eco friendly.

 Using her chemistry and material science background she designed her heels with natural organic fibers and doesn't use any materials from animals. She took a step further and made an antibacterial insert that goes inside the heel under the flat so you can wear the heel without that and not worry about the germs from putting the flat back into the heel. My mind was blown at this point after going through my research on her invention but there is more!

The flat is odor resistant and has a little bit of velcro on the back to keep it in place while in the heel. The flats also match the shoe it comes with so you don't have to worry about it clashing with your outfit or dress. She has truly mixed style and comfort while staying eco friendly.

She came up with her idea in 2010 while at a New Years Eve party. Her feet started hurting and being a germophobe she normally suffers through the pain. Not this night she ended up being the woman, which I admit to having been a time or two, who ended up barefoot at the end of the night with her heels in hand.

She has me hooked I'm so happy someone finally came up with this genius idea. They are light weight and built with the focus of comfort but are truly eye catching and stunning. From peep toe sling backs to hidden platform pumps there is a heel for everyone. I am in love and lust and you will be to after seeing these designs! Yes, let your mind be blown away.

ShoesTweet says: These are my favorite in this collection!

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Hot Shoes Under $50

Sarah helps us pick out 5 great shoes ... each under $50.

Here goes:

It's getting close to Christmas so for those shoe addicts or shoppers on a budget
I have found 5 shoes under $50.

 Now when I hear under $50 dollars I think well what about quality, I for one can't stand putting on a heel or boot and it feeling cheap or it falling apart.

I was having a hard time with this because I am picky and quality is number one to me when buying what I put on my spoiled feet. My shoeaholic sister gave me a few great sites that have quality shoes for affordable prices. Let me tell you I am in love and addicted to these sites. Addicts and obsessives be warned you won't be able to tear your fingers from the click to buy button! These are sites you will want added to your favorites. Not only will you be pleased with the prices but you will love the quality you get at such affordability and get deals. I was truly astonished and have been a fan ever since. Here is my gift to you, please enjoy!!

The first great place for a good deal and great quality is They offer amazing steals on heels and boots that blew my mind and the quality is outstanding. I have found 2 eye-catching picks that I fell in love with and the prices had my heart racing in excitement. There are many more styles and with great deals to choose from it's hard to stop once you start looking.

Charlotte Russe-Style: MARC 51 This lace toe Sueded pump offers elegance and style while being affordable at 35.50 but marked down to $25 and is applied in your bag. I love the thick heel which offers support and comfort, which is perfect for times when you have to be on your feet for long periods of time. I hate going to a formal event or party and my feet being uncomfortable, it totally ruins my night. Also the black lace at the toe and the little black bow dress up this heel so beautifully, you can't help but want to wear it. ShoesTweet Says: the lace on the toe does it for me - so sexy and fun!

  Charlotte Russe-Style:MERTON 64 I have to have this boot in my collection. It is the perfect winter boot adding a little edge mixed with style and class. I am a huge fan of mid heel boots especially for winter because its easy to walk in and has a comfort that I can wear anywhere. I don't have to worry about breaking my neck on the ice in these. The triple buckle sold them for me it just gives them a hotness I look for in a boot. You will not believe the price and deal that comes with them, 42.50 and when applied to your bag it's buy 1 get 1 for $15!!! I had to do a double take and it was right, but almost all the boots they had came with that deal!!! I died and went to boot heaven!! It's not a dream I promise, go check it out for yourself.

The next place we are going to take a trip to is I immediately fell in love with this site not only for the designer boots at astonishing prices, but Rachel Zoe is the style expert for the site. They also offer daily fixes for 24 hours you can get an amazing shoe for a jaw dropping price. I like to look at the top picks of the day and those offer great pricing and shoes you can't live without. We are talking designer quality and styles you just have to have. I fell in love with a bootie from the top picks of the day and had to share it with you.

Paper Fox-Callen Holy sexiness in a bootie!! Edgy but not over the top, I am head over heels for this bootie. The metallic heel just gives them a pop and catches your eye in an inviting way that says come here and put me on! I about hit the floor when I saw the price I expected at first glance they would have been at least over a $100 but I was dead wrong 29.98 reg. 59.95!! Yes my fingers were shaking I was in shock I could not believe it. Don't believe go see for yourself and be blown away!!ShoesTweet says: These are sexy, plain and simple!

The third place and my sister's Favorite is They offer some steals you can't keep yours hands off. Most of the time there is usually 2 for under $40 deal which my sister can't get enough of being the heel freak she is, the girl could run a marathon in heels. JustFab is perfect for quality and affordability but also offering shoegasmic styles. This one I found I just have to have and I swear it will be in my collection soon.

JustFab-Naples I absolutely love this shoe. The design at the back with the gold studs is an inviting piece of work. The color is perfect for those winter dinner parties or work events. It has an expensive designer look but is actually 39.95, a detail no one would ever know and could be your dirty little secret. Easily be the hit of the evening with these.

Our final destination on this journey is I came across this site about 5 years ago and to this day I still visit it and buy from it. There are so many name brands available but they will fit in your budget and won't leave with you buyers guilt. You won't have to worry about quality and style with DSW either, with designers you will recognize you will be left feeling at ease once you start browsing. I for one was shocked when I found this one in perticualr.

Fergalicious-Excited Boy am I excited just looking at these babes so meant for my gorgeous feet!! The burgundy patent is perfect for fall. At 44.95 how can you pass up Fergie seriously!! G...L...A...M O...R...O...U...S ridin first class up in the sky!!! I can't help but be gaga over them!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walter Steiger Shoes

Sarah is in love (in lust?) with Walter Steiger's shoes.  It's easy to see why -- they are AMAZING!

Here's what she has to say:

I am in love with Walter Steiger and what he has done in the shoe fashion industry.

Growing up as a shoemakers son who specialized in ski boots it's no surprise that he has made a name for himself in the shoe fashion world. His signature curved heel has made him a staple and a name that everyone loves and craves. Just the work he has done to get where he is today and the journey he has taken makes me love him! 

He has been many places and has designed shoes for some big names like Oscar de la Renta, Ungaro, Calvin Klein, and Claude Montana just to name a few.

How can you not fall in love with his magnetic creations, they get your heart racing. If you aren't a shoe addict you will be after seeing these babes and these are just a few of his master pieces. If you can't get enough and just need to see more like me visit is his website at and follow him on Instagram waltersteiger. He does so much more you will be hooked if you aren't already! I know I'm a Walter Steiger fanatic for life, the man just makes me wild!!

And here are some examples of why she likes his shoes so very much:

This may be my personal favorite -- the simple, elegant black and the bow on the toe make this sensual perfection.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

5 Great Halloween Shoes

Trick or Treat!!!  
We have got some eye candy for you to help you get in the spirit of Halloween.
I absolutely love Halloween, I get excited every year. It's the one time a year you can be who you want and wear what you want no matter how crazy or goofy it is.

Shoes are no different. You can wear the weirdest looking pair of heels and not worry about getting the "What the hell are you wearing" looks. You can bring out that alter ego, take a walk on the wild side, get dark and mysterious, or become something or someone you never would be on a normal day. It's a time to get creative, anything goes during Halloween and that is why I love it so much.

These Halloween inspired picks are a costume all in their own. The different looks, themes, and designs will inspire what you decide to become. Get ready for these tasty treats! Let's have some fun...

Put your goggles on and fly high as a sky captin!

Bring on the zombie apocalypse as a zombie or fight hard to survive it as a zombie out walking dead!!!

Shake that bunny tail as a classic playboy bunny...let your cute and sexy out and drop some jaws in the process!

Knock them dead as a sexy mafia badass and show the boys girls can play too.

Oooo Hooo witchy woman see how far you can fly! Cast your spells and bring out your inner evil as a witch.

Whatever you choose make it unforgettable like these delicious picks. Dare to get creative and bring out the side of you that screams to come out all year! Have fun and Happy Halloween! I know I will be cooking up something undesirable and poisonous to the eyes!!! I've got an evil side itching to come out...Muhahahahaha!!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once Upon a Time


Charlotte Olympia is amazingly talented with all of her collections and is hands down one of my top favorite designers.  Her Once Upon a Time fall '13 collection brings you back to your childhood, day dreaming about prince charming and the magical land of make believe you read about. She mixed fall beauty with fairytale mystery and splendor in way that draws you in and captivates you. This collection, in my opinion, is truly a work of art just like all her other collections. Charlotte Olympia is one of a kind and leaves me breathless with her master pieces. If she doesn't captivate you I don't know who will!!!

I am definently wild at heart and wild over these. Inspired by the Big Bad Wolf, this design has me fantasizing in a dream world.  The glowing white zigzag teeth and red satin bow makes them fabulously feminine and sexilicious.  Red and black are my favorite colors so I was immediately drawn to them.  They are a pair I'm to dream about long after fall.

A classic turned into a work of art. The olive velvet with the rose thicket embroidery is truly breath taking. To me, they are a total eyegasm. So playful and flirty yet they have a captivating elegance. Makes me imagine I'm stepping out of a forest into a beautiful meadow with my long hair flowing in the wind as I'm running from a handsome man looking back at him with a come catch me if you can smile. These are a fantasy all their own.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your long hair!  Who didn't love that fairytale story growing up?! What a uniquely crafted design. The detail alone is eye catching. The delicate embroidery of Rapunzel's face does a great job of putting the story into the shoe. Then you have the braided straps with embedded crystals. It's astonishing how the straps look like Rapunzel's hair. I like how they are still stylish and gorgeous without being too childish. They are a wearable piece of art!!

I can't help but want these.  Just looking at them brings back my inner child and the excitement I had when I first saw the Disney classic.  Remarkable detail adorned with Amanda Fatherazi's distinctive princess face.  The magic, the splendor, and the fantasy depicted in the shoe makes them the highlight of the collection.  I am brave and I am daring so I would for sure add these to my shrine of amazing shoes. Are you brave and are you daring? Take a ride back in time with Charlotte Olympia and visit the fairytales brought back to life in her Once Upon a Time collection.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Formal Shoes

Fall means formals -- whether it is homecoming or a just a formal dance or other social occasion, the fall season is perfect for formal attire.  Sarah helps guide you through the process with some great shoe choices for your next formal event.

Luichiny-Kissy Kiss  94.99
Show up your fashion frenemies in this glitzy heel.  The glitter bow and the Metallic 5 inch heel add style and glam. You can hit any event or party in these knock outs and you will be the hit of the evening. They come in a selection of colors to match that dress you want to pair them with. I couldn't take my eyes off the red ones once I saw them.  The gold heel just pops with the red--instant shoe seduction for me. Make everyone jealous in these if you dare!

Truth or Dare by Madonna-Meira  89.99
Marvel in this luscious fuchsia pair. The unique gold metallic piping from heel to vamp makes them elegant and sexy. This pair truly stands out to me, I love the detail and design.  They will complete your party ready look and set you apart.  The color is bold and daring, I absolutely am in love with these.  If you are looking for something subtle but elegant, you can also choose them in black and still get the same look and feel. 

Paris Hilton-Becca  99.99
Luxe, lavish, and stunning is what comes to mind when you gaze at this beautiful pair of heels.  Although they are available in other colors I just had to feature the royal blue, it was like I was drawn to them the minute I laid eyes on them. The creative detail added to the slingback is astonishing and gives them a more formal look. I have to say I can't get over the rhinestone embellished heel, it really makes this pair of heels stand out.  Feel stylish and gorgeous in this amazing set of heels.

Unlisted-Natural Flavor  50.99
Add some zesty flavor to your ensemble with these babies. I was really impressed with this pair, they seem simple but once looked at they have an elegance that makes them stand out.  The bunched satin down the middle was beautifully designed and the added shimmering beads gives them a creative shine. The detail alone sets them apart from any other sandal heel and I think they are a perfect pick.  Get classy with these delicious babes!

Michael Antonio-Torio  49.99
Holy eye candy! I want my feet in this pair of knock outs right now!!  The sweeping straps and the gorgeous red color just takes my breath away.  Every time I look at them I feel like I have to have them that much more.  They make my heart skip a beat I'm so in lust.  These will have you feel desirable and will add a delicious sexiness to your evening.  Heads will be turning and mouths will be dropping when you enter the room in this sexy heel.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It was All Yellow!

Sam shines again in these fabulous yellow shoes paired with a delightfully fun Aztec print:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Means Boots!

Here are a few great fall selections hand-picked by style guide Sarah -- she'll be selecting and sharing great shoe choices from time to time.

This knee high is has a sultry classic look perfect look for fall.  Classy and sophisticated with a bit of sexiness. They have a timeless look that can be worn for any occasion.

Jeffrey Campbell-Kaye
The creative intrigue this thigh high brings is simply amazing. They have the illusion of wearing a gorgeous pair of heels. They form perfectly to the leg in such a delicate way. Best design I have seen so far and I can't help but drool over them.

Kristin Cavallari-Leila
I am infatuated with this bootie. The silver heel with the red leather and open toe give them an edge that I crave.  Make a statement in these and have every head turn no matter where you are. A delicious bootie that I crave to have on my feet. They say: The party has arrived.

London Trash-Crucify
Sex appeal, mystery, fantasy, and just plain knock out is what comes to mind when I sit in awe of this pair of boots. The art work and detail alone makes them purely stunning. They are naughty and feisty, there isn't a woman out there that wouldn't feel like a vixen in them. I am in lust over this pair.

London Trash-Monsta
Style and confidence is what comes to mind with this bootie. It shows you know what you want, you know what you like, and when it comes to style you aren't afraid to take a risk.

Monday Morning Booties

Today, Sam shows off these incredibly sexy brown booties.