Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ballet Heels

I was talking to a shoe friend one day and she inspired this post on ballet heels.

Since I first saw them I have been back and forth about them. They are for sure a fashion statement and really cool looking, but also ugly and crazy at the same time. I feel like they have kind of grown on me in a way, I know it's werid lol. My shoe friend wears them to work and no she isn't a stripper.

 I don't know that I could wear them out anywhere if I were to invest in a pair. I would be worried about the damage to my feet or literally breaking my ankle. I definitely would have them in my closet to add to my collection and maybe bust them out during a sexy night with that special someone to spice things up a bit. (ShoesTweet Says: These could be very hot and spicy in the bedroom)

 These heels, I can't lie, are very eye catching and the more you look at them the more your curiosity goes wild. My shoe friend encouraged me to get a pair and learn to walk in them. I'm still pondering the idea but they are really fun to look at. I have found a few different takes on the ballet heel I thought were pretty interesting to say the least. Some are over the top and some are just cool.

These are over the top and insane but I have to say they are kind of cool looking. I for sure wouldn't invest in these and wear them out but I think they would be cool to see on the runway. They have an art feel and would take someone really brave to walk in them. It would be like walking on stilts in these!

  Ok you might think I'm crazy but I kind of like these. I don't know if I would wear them but the more I stare at them the more interesting they become and the more I start to really like them.
ShoesTweet Says: These actually seem vaguely wearable and mildly interesting. Bravery required? Yes!

I think these are such a beautiful ballet heel. Very tall and very scary looking but beautiful at the same time. I would be interested to see someone walk in these. They have the original ballet flat look but with a heel that is ultra high and insane!
ShoesTweet says: These are beautiful, but essentially un-wearable. Unless you are lying down.

Mary Jane I saw these and thought, "Ok here we go a pair I could actually see myself wearing!". I think these are the perfect ballet heel to learn how to walk in them. The height is just right for someone learning and they aren't too over the top so you could actually wear them out. 

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