Monday, October 14, 2013

5 Great Halloween Shoes

Trick or Treat!!!  
We have got some eye candy for you to help you get in the spirit of Halloween.
I absolutely love Halloween, I get excited every year. It's the one time a year you can be who you want and wear what you want no matter how crazy or goofy it is.

Shoes are no different. You can wear the weirdest looking pair of heels and not worry about getting the "What the hell are you wearing" looks. You can bring out that alter ego, take a walk on the wild side, get dark and mysterious, or become something or someone you never would be on a normal day. It's a time to get creative, anything goes during Halloween and that is why I love it so much.

These Halloween inspired picks are a costume all in their own. The different looks, themes, and designs will inspire what you decide to become. Get ready for these tasty treats! Let's have some fun...

Put your goggles on and fly high as a sky captin!

Bring on the zombie apocalypse as a zombie or fight hard to survive it as a zombie out walking dead!!!

Shake that bunny tail as a classic playboy bunny...let your cute and sexy out and drop some jaws in the process!

Knock them dead as a sexy mafia badass and show the boys girls can play too.

Oooo Hooo witchy woman see how far you can fly! Cast your spells and bring out your inner evil as a witch.

Whatever you choose make it unforgettable like these delicious picks. Dare to get creative and bring out the side of you that screams to come out all year! Have fun and Happy Halloween! I know I will be cooking up something undesirable and poisonous to the eyes!!! I've got an evil side itching to come out...Muhahahahaha!!!!

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