Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once Upon a Time


Charlotte Olympia is amazingly talented with all of her collections and is hands down one of my top favorite designers.  Her Once Upon a Time fall '13 collection brings you back to your childhood, day dreaming about prince charming and the magical land of make believe you read about. She mixed fall beauty with fairytale mystery and splendor in way that draws you in and captivates you. This collection, in my opinion, is truly a work of art just like all her other collections. Charlotte Olympia is one of a kind and leaves me breathless with her master pieces. If she doesn't captivate you I don't know who will!!!

I am definently wild at heart and wild over these. Inspired by the Big Bad Wolf, this design has me fantasizing in a dream world.  The glowing white zigzag teeth and red satin bow makes them fabulously feminine and sexilicious.  Red and black are my favorite colors so I was immediately drawn to them.  They are a pair I'm to dream about long after fall.

A classic turned into a work of art. The olive velvet with the rose thicket embroidery is truly breath taking. To me, they are a total eyegasm. So playful and flirty yet they have a captivating elegance. Makes me imagine I'm stepping out of a forest into a beautiful meadow with my long hair flowing in the wind as I'm running from a handsome man looking back at him with a come catch me if you can smile. These are a fantasy all their own.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your long hair!  Who didn't love that fairytale story growing up?! What a uniquely crafted design. The detail alone is eye catching. The delicate embroidery of Rapunzel's face does a great job of putting the story into the shoe. Then you have the braided straps with embedded crystals. It's astonishing how the straps look like Rapunzel's hair. I like how they are still stylish and gorgeous without being too childish. They are a wearable piece of art!!

I can't help but want these.  Just looking at them brings back my inner child and the excitement I had when I first saw the Disney classic.  Remarkable detail adorned with Amanda Fatherazi's distinctive princess face.  The magic, the splendor, and the fantasy depicted in the shoe makes them the highlight of the collection.  I am brave and I am daring so I would for sure add these to my shrine of amazing shoes. Are you brave and are you daring? Take a ride back in time with Charlotte Olympia and visit the fairytales brought back to life in her Once Upon a Time collection.

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