Friday, September 28, 2012

Sartorial: The Scent of Success

You know the man.

The one in the impeccable suit.  Perfectly tailored. 

The one with the immaculately pressed shirt.  Cuff links.  Smart tie.

The one whose watch is of fine quality and accentuates his simple, classic style.

His shoes are black and shined and beautiful.

The man who gets things done.  Who makes things happen.

He's serious.  He's focused.  He's in control.

This man wears Sartorial from Penhaligon's. 

He wears it at work ... and he's almost always working.

His suit and look are finished in the morning and remain finished by day's end ... which for him, could last well into the evening hours.

The scent is no-nonsense.  It is masculine and confident.  It is refreshing and refined. 

This is not the scent of a man on the town or out and about on the prowl.  This is the man you truly want
because he's the one who makes things happen. 

While it may not be a "date night" cologne, it's the scent a woman will unmistakably note as the scent of ambition fulfilled, goals accomplished, and a clear path forward. 

While it may certainly be worn without a suit, it's not recommended.  For more on men's fragrance, go here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It is fall, after all.  And orange is awesome, especially on Sam. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simply Office Sexy

Yep, these shoes are supposedly 'basic' office wear for Sienna.  We think they're sexy as hell.  She's welcome at our office in those shoes any day!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Danielle and Mojo Moxy

Clearly, a winning combination.  Here, Danielle tells us more about her favorite shoes -- from Mojo Moxy. 

Poppy - Yellow
The Stats - From the first and original Mojo Moxy Spring 2011 collection, the classic Poppy's retro style is modernized with bold colors completed with contrasting bands.  The shoe is given a feminine touch with a sheer flower detail on the front.  The platform allows for added comfort.
Danielle's Take:  The color combo cannot be beat, the yellow makes them neutral, while the pink adds a soft pop of color.  Although they come equipped with a 5 inch stiletto heel they are suprisingly comfortable, I can usually get 6 to 8 hours out of them.  The pure classic style of the shoe speaks for itself.  Loved it so much I bought it in Black & Tan as well.  Even though they are not as fun as the yellow they have become a staple in my wardrobe and move effortlessly season to season.

Lace Poppy - Purple
The Stats - The Lace Poppy brings its classic counterpart from day to evening.  All the qualities and style of the original Poppy in beautiful jewel tones (shown here in purple) overlaid with black lace.  Contrasting black satin band adds an elegant touch while the matching flower gives it a playful feel.
Danielle's Take:  This shoe screams evening wear.  It is classic and elegant but still has a sexy flirty vibe.  I first wore these to a wedding paired with a black satin mini dress, beautiful combination.  They gave the perfect pop of color.  Definitely un simplifies the little blah dress.

Magic - Black
The Stats - This beautiful suede platform pump offers a quilted texture with studded detail.  The magic debuted in the Fall 2011 collection and was available in 4 colors including fuchsia.  Perfect heel for day or night, it can easily be dressed up or dressed down.  5 inch heel with 1 1/2 inch platform.
Danielle's Take:  The plush texture of the suede is ideal for the cold seasons, making it my go to shoe for fall & winter.  Again a very comfortable shoe for a stiletto.  The classic pump style make them versatile but the studded embellishment gives them an edgy rocker feel.  I typically pair these with skirts and jeans.

OUR VIEW:  Mojo Moxy is a hot new designer and Danielle has what it takes to make these shoes move!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Pop of Pink

Want to add a perfect pop of pink that is sure to be noticed?  Have an otherwise simple, elegant dress to go with it? Sienna shows us how to do beautiful -- with a fun surprise -- just right!

Simply Perfect in Simple Black Pumps

Of course, the rest of the outfit -- and the beautiful Mollie -- make this an amazing look.  But, THIS is the way to get the most out of your simple, sexy black pumps!

Friday, September 7, 2012

At the library ...

I want to visit the library where she works -- where more than books merit checking out:

How to Dress for Success

Danielle shows off her sartorial smarts in this perfect outfit for an office...highlighted by slightly naughty peeptoe booties.  Peeptoes and Purple on this fine form is simply Perfection:

Here's the full image of her well-chosen ensemble...this is an office worker I'd certainly admire!

and here's a close-up of those booties... fun, flirty, slightly naughty...with fabulous detail that insists you notice