Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nael Coce by Sheena Young

Sarah's found another designer she loves!


Yes ladies Sheena Young has solved our long lived problem of
suffering through the pain of wearing gorgeous heels while at an event or having a night out full of partying and dancing.

I have had many nights of dancing and either ended up barefoot, yes I know eww, or came home and feet were angry at me and I couldn't feel my toes. Her heel to flat invention has me hooked and completely and totally in love. She has designed high heels to flats shoes that are eco friendly.

 Using her chemistry and material science background she designed her heels with natural organic fibers and doesn't use any materials from animals. She took a step further and made an antibacterial insert that goes inside the heel under the flat so you can wear the heel without that and not worry about the germs from putting the flat back into the heel. My mind was blown at this point after going through my research on her invention but there is more!

The flat is odor resistant and has a little bit of velcro on the back to keep it in place while in the heel. The flats also match the shoe it comes with so you don't have to worry about it clashing with your outfit or dress. She has truly mixed style and comfort while staying eco friendly.

She came up with her idea in 2010 while at a New Years Eve party. Her feet started hurting and being a germophobe she normally suffers through the pain. Not this night she ended up being the woman, which I admit to having been a time or two, who ended up barefoot at the end of the night with her heels in hand.

She has me hooked I'm so happy someone finally came up with this genius idea. They are light weight and built with the focus of comfort but are truly eye catching and stunning. From peep toe sling backs to hidden platform pumps there is a heel for everyone. I am in love and lust and you will be to after seeing these designs! Yes, let your mind be blown away.

ShoesTweet says: These are my favorite in this collection!

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