Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Hot Shoes Under $50

Sarah helps us pick out 5 great shoes ... each under $50.

Here goes:

It's getting close to Christmas so for those shoe addicts or shoppers on a budget
I have found 5 shoes under $50.

 Now when I hear under $50 dollars I think well what about quality, I for one can't stand putting on a heel or boot and it feeling cheap or it falling apart.

I was having a hard time with this because I am picky and quality is number one to me when buying what I put on my spoiled feet. My shoeaholic sister gave me a few great sites that have quality shoes for affordable prices. Let me tell you I am in love and addicted to these sites. Addicts and obsessives be warned you won't be able to tear your fingers from the click to buy button! These are sites you will want added to your favorites. Not only will you be pleased with the prices but you will love the quality you get at such affordability and get deals. I was truly astonished and have been a fan ever since. Here is my gift to you, please enjoy!!

The first great place for a good deal and great quality is They offer amazing steals on heels and boots that blew my mind and the quality is outstanding. I have found 2 eye-catching picks that I fell in love with and the prices had my heart racing in excitement. There are many more styles and with great deals to choose from it's hard to stop once you start looking.

Charlotte Russe-Style: MARC 51 This lace toe Sueded pump offers elegance and style while being affordable at 35.50 but marked down to $25 and is applied in your bag. I love the thick heel which offers support and comfort, which is perfect for times when you have to be on your feet for long periods of time. I hate going to a formal event or party and my feet being uncomfortable, it totally ruins my night. Also the black lace at the toe and the little black bow dress up this heel so beautifully, you can't help but want to wear it. ShoesTweet Says: the lace on the toe does it for me - so sexy and fun!

  Charlotte Russe-Style:MERTON 64 I have to have this boot in my collection. It is the perfect winter boot adding a little edge mixed with style and class. I am a huge fan of mid heel boots especially for winter because its easy to walk in and has a comfort that I can wear anywhere. I don't have to worry about breaking my neck on the ice in these. The triple buckle sold them for me it just gives them a hotness I look for in a boot. You will not believe the price and deal that comes with them, 42.50 and when applied to your bag it's buy 1 get 1 for $15!!! I had to do a double take and it was right, but almost all the boots they had came with that deal!!! I died and went to boot heaven!! It's not a dream I promise, go check it out for yourself.

The next place we are going to take a trip to is I immediately fell in love with this site not only for the designer boots at astonishing prices, but Rachel Zoe is the style expert for the site. They also offer daily fixes for 24 hours you can get an amazing shoe for a jaw dropping price. I like to look at the top picks of the day and those offer great pricing and shoes you can't live without. We are talking designer quality and styles you just have to have. I fell in love with a bootie from the top picks of the day and had to share it with you.

Paper Fox-Callen Holy sexiness in a bootie!! Edgy but not over the top, I am head over heels for this bootie. The metallic heel just gives them a pop and catches your eye in an inviting way that says come here and put me on! I about hit the floor when I saw the price I expected at first glance they would have been at least over a $100 but I was dead wrong 29.98 reg. 59.95!! Yes my fingers were shaking I was in shock I could not believe it. Don't believe go see for yourself and be blown away!!ShoesTweet says: These are sexy, plain and simple!

The third place and my sister's Favorite is They offer some steals you can't keep yours hands off. Most of the time there is usually 2 for under $40 deal which my sister can't get enough of being the heel freak she is, the girl could run a marathon in heels. JustFab is perfect for quality and affordability but also offering shoegasmic styles. This one I found I just have to have and I swear it will be in my collection soon.

JustFab-Naples I absolutely love this shoe. The design at the back with the gold studs is an inviting piece of work. The color is perfect for those winter dinner parties or work events. It has an expensive designer look but is actually 39.95, a detail no one would ever know and could be your dirty little secret. Easily be the hit of the evening with these.

Our final destination on this journey is I came across this site about 5 years ago and to this day I still visit it and buy from it. There are so many name brands available but they will fit in your budget and won't leave with you buyers guilt. You won't have to worry about quality and style with DSW either, with designers you will recognize you will be left feeling at ease once you start browsing. I for one was shocked when I found this one in perticualr.

Fergalicious-Excited Boy am I excited just looking at these babes so meant for my gorgeous feet!! The burgundy patent is perfect for fall. At 44.95 how can you pass up Fergie seriously!! G...L...A...M O...R...O...U...S ridin first class up in the sky!!! I can't help but be gaga over them!!

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