Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Shoes


Winter is slowly creeping up and with Halloween out of the way, the holiday season
is quickly approaching. Holidays mean parties, events, and get togethers. We all struggle with finding a the perfect holiday shoes for these functions. I dress to impress anywhere I go especially events and parties so I base my ensemble around my shoe, so my shoe is the hit of the outfit.

This season, I have noticed that cut outs and peep toes have become a hit. I know what you all are thinking, it's getting colder and rain and snow are starting to make appearances. I still think we shouldn't have to ignore these amazing styles during the holiday season. Don't be afraid to rock a pair of cut outs or peep toes. I have found some eye catching heels that will have you chomping at the bit. They are all inspired by the cut out and peep toe style I feel we should embrace for the holidays. Throw caution to the wind and enjoy these amazing styles!!

  I feel like these just scream holidays at me. The black satin gives them an elegant sleek look. The rhinestone embellishment on the t-strap dress them up and make them great for any holiday event. Chic look gives them function and fashion, you can dress them up or dress them down. I always look for a shoe I can wear with most anything and be able to wear them to many different occasions. I feel like these do it for me and would love to have them in my shrine!
ShoesTweet says: These shoes SCREAM sex to me... so flirty, fun, and maybe a bit naughty.  Love them.

Omg!!! I am head over heels right now, I'm going to have a shoe heart attack! This is the perfect party shoe for me. They add fun and excitement to the evening. They aren't your traditional holiday event or party shoe, but who says we have to be traditional all the time?! I like standing out and making statements with my shoes and these totally do it or me. These add spunk, flare, and edge to the holidays and I dare, yes I dare!!!

Style, class, sophistication, and elegance!! I love this shoe, you can get lost in them just looking at them. What an exotic piece of work. I would, for sure, hit my parties and functions for the holidays in this gorgeous heel, no doubt. It's guaranteed to be a hit everyone would be talking about. I love the design of the swooping black suede straps and the stunning white snake leather. I think I have fallen in love again!!

I love Michael Kors, his shoes never cease to amaze me. He has a niche in bringing out the inner woman in each design. This sandal bootie is no different. This is holiday glam at it's finest. Screw cold weather this booty was made for my feet. I can't get over the caged design and the gold studs on the vamp. It's a party shoe I can't live without. It's one want added to my collection!

I could not tear my eyes off these sassy babes. Of course I love red so they instantly caught my eye. The bow and peep toe bring out the ultra girly girl side and the red patent makes the shoe pop. They will stand out and catch everyones eye. Cute, sexy, sassy, and gorgeous...I NEED THEM!!!!!!!
ShoesTweet Says: These shoes are also ALL about sex. The red begs for attention, the bow draws your eyes to toes no doubt adorned in holiday-themed polish.  Holiday shoe perfection!

The holidays are the time to get glam and bring out your ultra fashionista. It's the time for fun and excitement, let your shoe be your guide!!

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