Monday, December 9, 2013

White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, yes I am!  Who said we can't wear white after Labor Day.  It's a rule my friend and I refuse to follow, in moderation of course.  I think white shoes and boots can bring out the winter.  I went searching for an amazing pair of white booties, boots, and heels.  I wanted each to be unique and have that warm winter feel.  Searching for shoegasmic white boots and shoes is harder than I thought it would be but nothing will get in my way when I want something and I want all 3 of these!!!  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!

Qupid Pratt 04
(found on

Omg!!! Winter, style, warmth, comfort, sexiness all mixed into one amazing pair of booties!!  It's the workmen's boot made over with the beautiful and stunning white lace.  They are screaming hot and sure to melt away the snow.  I can't get enough of this bootie, the minute I saw it I got excited and giddy inside like a little kid at Christmas time!!!

Michael Antonio-Rey
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In elementary school, I remember every year my teachers passing out sheets of white paper.  We then would fold the paper in many different ways.  When we were done folding it we would be asked to cut holes on the edges.  When we were done and unfolded it, it was a cute snowflake and we would hang them all over the class room.  The metallic cut outs in this shoe remind me of that, a beautiful snowflake.  I absolutely love these, truly delicious!!!

Michael Antonio-Mahari
(found on

For anyone living where it snows or gets really cold...These are perfect!!!!  I want them right now.  No other boots says winter holidays like these babies!  So gorgeous and classy.  I will dip my ice cold feet into these scorching hot boots any day.  My feet just beg to have them on and feel the warmth and softness while looking sexy and chic.

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