Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guys: Stop with the brown shoes worn all wrong!

Just stop it!

Just last week I saw a guy in a very nice grey suit.

The suit was well-tailored and fit him quite nicely.

This very same guy had on a pair of well-cared for and very nice (and likely expensive) BROWN wingtips.


Read that again.

What the hell?

I'm pretty sure his belt was black.

So, first, YOUR belt MUST match your shoes. Get that right. Your belt must match your shoes.

Second, BROWN shoes do NOT go with grey suits. EVER. Why take the trouble to get a nice suit tailored well and buy (and care for) expensive dress shoes if you aren't going to wear them correctly?

Ok, ok... I know there is some debate (there shouldn't be) about brown shoes with a blue suit (I'm firmly opposed)...but brown and grey? What the hell?

This is a huge no-no.

And guys: Girls pay attention to this. It's these kind of details that say something about you. What this says is that if she wants to go with you to a nice event (a wedding, a dinner party) you might fuck it all up by being dressed wrong. Don't be that guy.

Be the guy with the beautiful khaki suit (it is spring) and those delightful wingtips.

OR -- be the guy in that same well-tailored grey suit and black belt with a pair of black oxfords... a crisp white shirt and a simple black tie. Understated...elegant... fabulous. To add a personal touch, get some interesting cuff links to wear with the must-have french cuff shirt.

But please... STOP wearing brown shoes with grey suits. NOW.

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