Monday, May 7, 2012

The Power of Scent

So, sure.  This is NOT a post about shoes and it contains no pictures or recommendations related to shoes.

But, scent is a key element in attraction.  As such, I thought it'd be fun to talk about some scents I enjoy for myself (great gift ideas for the man in your life) and one in particular I enjoy on a woman. 

Plus, to all the guys reading this, Mollie thinks scent is pretty important, too.

I was first exposed to the fragrances of Penhaligon's in 2005 on a trip to Seattle.  The hotel where I stayed featured "Quercus" soaps by Penhaligon's.  A unisex scent, to be sure.  Warm, soft and perfect for the summer.  I was instantly addicted.  The scent is amazing...and on a woman, even more so. 

Upon returning home, I went to find Penhaligon's -- and ordered a bottle of the shower gel.  You can get the soap, too.

Upon opening it, I was immediately transported to Seattle.  To the five days in August that were lusciously summer.  Bright flowers, sun shining until 10 PM, light rains, deep greens.  It was magical. 

I decided I needed to reserve this for special occasions.  For when I needed a lift.  And so I did.  To this day, a hint of Quercus takes me back to one of the best work-related trips I've ever taken. 

Up to that point, I had used cologne only sparingly. 

I decided I should adopt a "personal scent." 

I did some browsing around and discovered quite positive reviews of Blenheim Bouquet (another Penhaligon's staple). 

It was billed as stately, elegant, traditional.  Not overbearing, but noticeable and wonderful. 

Opening it, I discovered a bright citrus.  Upon application, I instantly felt energized.  As the scent dried down, it developed a warm, woodsy scent with a hint of citrus.  Clearly masculine, simple, and strong. 

This seemed immediately "mine" and I began wearing it daily.  I've since worn other colognes and there are several I've enjoyed.  But only Blenheim Bouquet has yielded consistent comments (positive ones) from women.  When wearing it, a friendly hug often illicits a bright-eyed response, a smile, even an outright: "you smell amazing."  Of course, such a response is just what I want.  And it is reserved for those in very close proximity, as Blenheim is a soft scent, not one that lingers far behind you or announces your arrival.  Those in your personal space will notice it -- and greatly appreciate it. 

Other than Quercus and Blenheim Bouquet, I've tried and LOVE LP No. 9 for Men.  I received a sample in one of my orders and enjoy it immensely.  Billed as "rich, sensual, and soft; the intriguing male personified," it certainly meets expectations.  It is the scent I choose for winter as it blends nicely with cool air and if I'm wearing a suit in all but the hottest months, it is my chosen fragrance.  It is sophiticated, wonderful, and it has incredible staying power.  While I adore it, it has yet to yield the positive remarks I get with Blenheim.  Nevertheless, it will continue to be my go-to finishing touch for the perfect suit and I love the warmth it exudes even as I shower at the end of a long and arduous day. 

Finally, while I have certainly enjoyed a finely-fragranced female, it has been difficult to pin down exactly what those scents are.  Sure, I know the more common choices.  But the ones that stand out, without directly asking, are tough.  That said, and not suprisingly, I do love a Penhaligon's scent for women.  Though I've only known one woman to wear Penhaligon's -- she wore it quite well.  Of course, her scent of choice would be LP No. 9 for women -- and when I get a hint of this scent (very rare) I immediately hear the words of the song "You're Beautiful" lightly ringing in my ears.  If you want to get a man's attention (mine, at least) your perfectly chosen heels will be accompanied by LP No. 9 ...

So, there you have it.  Some words on scent.  I welcome, of course, your comments and suggestions.  But remember, you can finish off that amazing ensemble by smelling great. 

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