Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Summer Night

It wasn't exactly hot on Friday night, but I was invited to a backyard party.  The evening was warm and clear and without a hint of the usual humidity that torments Tennessee in June.  Not long ago I received a sample of Penhaligon's new-ish scent, Juniper Sling.  I decided that Friday's party was the perfect time to try it.  Sure, I was a bit skeptical of putting on a new scent for a party, but the promise of Juniper Sling was great.  And the evening was definitely just the sort deserving of a gin and tonic. 

Upon application, I was reminded of something magical.  A wonderful moment that I had perhaps experienced years earlier.  I couldn't place a finger on it, but I felt younger, brighter, more confident.  As the evening wore on, a slight breeze would bring the scent to my attention.  I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, light scent.  Still masculine, yet daring.  The well-groomed, pefectly pressed man relaxing, I'd say.  Enjoying the warm glow the gin has brought to his cheek.  This may not be an everday scent for me, but for special events, parties, when I want to feel a bit more adventurous... Juniper Sling will be my choice. 

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