Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get Ready for Spring with Alberto Moretti

Spring 2014 Sneak Peak: Alberto Moretti


Since spring isn't too far, I had the idea of getting a sneak peak into some of the collections set to come out in spring.  Boy did I find so many that I love!!!  Sad but true I had to narrow it down to one.  I knew Albero Moretti was my pick from the moment I saw his beauties.  His design and use of color had me at first glance.

Come spring they will be jaw droppers.  I am so in love and you will see why.  His collection is for any avid shoe addict.  He will leave you craving more and dreaming about his babes all spring...or maybe forever?!



This is hands down one of my favorite T-strap heels.  I am a lover of animal print so it is no wonder they caught my eye!  Sexy, cute, and edgy.  I want to start spring off with the bang these give.  The Blue and the bright yellow together are a perfect color combo for this shoe, it's exciting and really makes a statement!!



We already know why this one got featured!!  You mix red and black and animal print and I'm your girl.  This shoe gets my heart pumping the red just pops and in return makes the leopard print pop.  These are a for sure eyegasm and I can't stop looking!!!  Flirty, exotic, and intriguing.  I can't get enough, can you?!


I absolutely love this combination of color and print.  I can't but want these beauties now, hurry up spring!!  The design is like a maze of wonder you just get lost in.  The "BAM" of the red of course gets my motors going and the print still finds a way to let it's self shine.  How far away is spring?!!!


Can we say party on my feet and these babes are invited.  These have the attitude I crave in a shoe and I would love to have them strapped on me!!  I see these taking me on the most spontanious and wild adventures, a journey I definitely want to be on.  Take me baby take me!!!!


I love how the bow was done on this heel, makes it so freakin sexy.  This heel is so full of fun and glamor.  They have the good girl/bad girl attiude that kind of sneaks up on you, you don't expect it at first.  Good girl at first sight, bad girl the more you keep looking and get to know it!!  I game that can be fun to play =)  and yes I want to play!

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