Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Window Shopping

Sarah Goes Window Shopping


Not too long ago I went to the mall with my bestie.  I for one hate shopping with no cash to get anything, ugh!!  We went into Body Central, I love this shop!!  The cutest outfits.  So I go in the back, low and behold I find some gorgeous babes for my feet.  Let me tell you how hard it was to walk out of there and leave them just sitting on the shelf.  Poor things just wanted to come home with me but I couldn't. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to.  I feel like the shoes actually talk to me like, you know you want me just put me on see how I look and feel!!  Here are my 4 favorites out of the wall of beauties they had to chose from.



I saw these first and it was love at first site.  My heart rate went up and I couldn't put them down once I picked them up.  I remember yelling across the shop at my bestie to come look at them, ha!! 



Omg!!  We all know red is my color.  My eyes instantly connected to these sexy luscious knockouts.  They are soft like Red Velvet cake and as yummy lol!!  It was hard letting them go, almost felt a tear.



These buckled booties are hot.  I love the stacked heel and platform with the light brown and the buckles give them a little edge while looking clean and classy!!  Great multi-purpose bootie to have in my collection.



Lace up these bad girls to my feet.  Love the cut out on the side, it's like a little sexy peek without giving too much away, hehe!!  Black can make any shoes look stunning.  I would wear these on a night out with the girls, hmmm I wonder how many numbers I could get with these heart breakers on!
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